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Walking War Robots Hack

Free Gold & Silver for Complete Game Domination

The Walking War Robots Hack is finally here. It allows you to get free gold and silver within minutes. It’s truly a powerful tool that will generate you some very powerful resources. As you may already know, Gold and silver are very powerful resources, that you will need if you want to be one of the best players in the game. You’re simply going to have to grind for multiple days if you want a substantial amount of gold and silver. Therefore we set out to create a Walking War Robots cheats tool that would allow you to get these resources. It definitely wasn’t an easy task at first, and it took us many tries. However, in the end, we finally managed to find a way to get gold and silver for free.

How To Use The Walking War Robots Hack

  1. Go to the generator page.
  2. Enter your username and select the OS you’re playing on.
  3. Choose how much gold and silver you want.
  4. Verify that you are indeed not a robot.
  5. The resources will be dripfed to your account

As you can clearly see it’s actually very fast and simple to hack War Robots.

Safe & Without Any Bans

We’re proud to say this: Our Walking War Robots Cheats have not resulted in any bans. This is all due to our high-tech encryption methods and our drip-feeding techniques. This all makes it impossible for the game creators to detect our hack. For them it simply looks like a player is buying the resources.

The Hottest Robot Game Right Now

Walking War Robots is a player-vs-player (PVP) mobile game that was first released back in 2014. Walking War Robots is similar to traditional arcade games, which lets you have more control over your robot. It’s not unlike MechWarrior style games. There are many upgrades and opportunities to customize this mobile app game to your liking. With multiple choices and options to choose from, there’s an endless supply of entertainment on your mobile phone.

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There are 16 war robots to choose from to start. You can also upgrade these robots using various features and unique attributes for each robot. Like many mobile games, the more you play, the more features and upgrades you can unlock and enjoy.

As you start to become familiar with the gameplay and win battles, you will be able to “level up” as many mobile app games offer. There is also a chance to gain credits, which are referred to as AG Silver in the game, and they can be used to upgrade weapons and make your war robots live longer during gameplay. Just when you think you have reached all the levels you wanted, some additional weapons and attributes become available; they are the only options available to players after specific gaming caps have been achieved. You’ll want to continue to push gameplay a bit further with each round to ensure you get all the upgrades and weapon attributes that are available to you.

One downfall of the Walking War Robots game is the time it takes for your upgrades to become available on the app. In some instances, gamers experience lags of up to three or more hours to see the results of their work during upgrades. This only becomes an issue if you are waiting around for the update, but if you time it right, you can let your mobile app upgrade while you sleep. Interestingly enough, you can use some of the AG Silver you have accumulated throughout your gameplay to speed up the upgrading process. At first, this might not seem fair, but this is how a lot of mobile games earn money for their apps these days. You get the basic system, but if you want more, you have to pay. The game is worth investing in though, given all of the epic battles and opportunities to level up your robot.

When you first begin the game, you will have a default number of AG Silver. This can help you get started on choosing your robot, accessories, weapons, and more. There are multiple chances to earn more AG Silver throughout the gameplay mode.

Did we mention that Walking War Robots is a 6 x 6 PVP gaming experience? That’s right. You’ll be battling other war robots from around the world. While most mobile app games are one-on-one or single player mode, this game really ups the ante by including multiple players.

Each game or round will last about five minutes in total, so you can move from level to level pretty quickly if you are successful in your battle arena. You can also play against bots, or CPU-style players if you prefer.

The controls are simple and easy to use. The digital button that appears on the bottom left side of your device is used to move around, and the digital button that appears on the bottom right is for shooting. You can switch between weapons as you like, and in line with your inventory using all or one of your guns at once. To control the point of view, just touch any open space on the digital playing area of your screen.

The object of the game has two components: you can win by killing all of the opponents in a given round, or you can earn by collecting the bases that are present in the battle arena. These “beacons” appear at random across the battle arena and if you dedicate your time to looking for them instead of killing opponents, be sure to watch your back as you navigate the arena.

A couple of things to keep in mind: when you are switching between weapons, some of them require time to reboot or reload. This can cost you valuable battle time so be sure to choose weapons with fast turnaround times for reloading. Another thing to keep in mind is that using the automatic firing system keeps your hands free for navigating the map with ease. Watch out for bots and other players if you are seeking a victory by capturing bases or beacons, and be sure to use your AG Silver to upgrade your robot whenever possible. You can earn the valuable currency by playing and beating opponents, as well as capturing bases. If you like mechanical bot style games, Walking War Robots might be the game for you.