How To Get Gold In War Robots

war robots gold and silver

If all you have been in need of is a mobile app game with real-time PVP battles, then War Robots is your best choice. This freemium mobile app game is developed and published by a Russian game developer known as Pixonic. And it is a third-person shooter in MMO mode. Players use a giant robot that is operated on a live battlefield. They can either team up with other gamers or play solo. 

Just like any other mobile app game, the War Robots also has its resources that help in making your gaming more enjoyable. The most common resource is Silver and Gold. And although you can always purchase them just like any other, this might not be the perfect solution. This is because; there are some gamers who cannot afford to purchase these resources. 

Acquiring Silver is much easier compared to acquiring Gold. However, the things that Gold will unlock for you are much more than what Silver can unlock. For that reason, if possible, all gamers’ dreams are acquiring as much Gold as possible in the game. If you are new in this game, figuring out how to get all these resources might not be easy. The reason for writing down this article is to give you simple tips on how you can acquire as much Gold as possible. 

Why Is Gold Important?

As we had indicated before, Gold is the highest currency or resource in the War Robots game. This is because; it helps the player to perform particular tasks in the game. Some of these tasks include;

  • It helps in boosting the improving time of every robotic. 
  • Gold is also used in acquiring added Silver
  • At the same time, you can use Gold if you want to acquire Workshop Points

How To Get Gold In The War Robots Game Easily?

There are several ways of getting gold currency in the War Robots game. Each method has a different amount of Gold earned, and the task you are expected to perform also differ. Some of these methods include; 

1. Progressing in the different levels

Every time you reach a new level in the game, qualifies you for 50 Gold rewards. If you succeed medals in the combat zone, you are again qualified for a Gold reward. The winner of the war is also rewarded with four Gold, and the list is endless.

2. Investing your hard-earned loan

Every level or wins you get in War Robots game earns you a certain number of Gold. However, apart from these wins, you can also use your hard-earned actual loan as an investment to get Gold as required. 


The best and the most effective way of earning Gold on War Robots game is by use of a War Robot Hack generator. This is, however, not advisable as most of these hack generators are not trustworthy sources and can tamper with your device. Therefore, if you choose to use a hack generator, you should do that with a lot of caution.